Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Dear Readers,

I apologize for yesterday's blog. I was ranting and cursing, and it wasn't really nice to read, so I'm sorry. I didn't end up eating too many calories yesterday and I went to the gym even though it was my rest day, so it didn't turn out so bad. It definitely made up for it. People were yelling at me on my other blog that I'm not a failure and that it's okay I had one splurge, and I know that for everyone else it's no big deal. But for me it isn't okay. That's never okay. One splurge can lead to eating too many calories for that day, and that's what I fear. I'm sick, this is how I think of things. I know they're trying to help me, but a lot of them don't understand. I do appreciate their comments though, it let's me know that people are reading and that they care to an extent, so I thank them for that.

So today is day four of the work out schedule. Yesterday was supposed to be my rest day as I said before, and I'm supposed to work out today. I'm not sure if I should just make today my rest day or not. We'll see. I know my body has to rest and recover, I don't want to over work my body and then not be able to work out at all if I get sick or something. That would ruin the whole routine, and I wouldn't want that. I'm doing this work out with other people so I don't wanna fall behind them either, I wanna do it with them.

I think I'm going to make today my rest day, tomorrow I'll work out instead of having that rest day, and Friday will become the new rest day for this week.



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