Friday, April 22, 2011

My Current Motivation

Dear Readers,

I didn't overeat today! I ate Special K cereal for breakfast, tuna for lunch, some crackers and three hershey kisses as a snack, and unfortunately I ate a whole bag of Raisinetes later on which made me feel very full. But that's literally all I ate today. I've never eaten that little in one day ever (at least not that I can remember). And it actually wasn't hard to do surprisingly. After I ate those Raisinetes though, I felt so full, and I really didn't like that. I've discovered that I hate the feeling of being full. It makes me a bit anxious, it makes me feel like I've eaten too much. I wanted to get rid of it, but I was in a movie theater so that wasn't exactly possible at the moment. My current motivation to lose weight is trying to look good for when my friend films over the summer. He enjoys filming music videos, and I always end up in them, so I want to look extra good! So that's my current goal. My other motivation is looking good in clothes that I want to buy. I won't buy clothes because I fear that I'll look fat in them. So I want to lose weight so I can look and feel good in the clothes that I long to buy and wear. Those are two good motivations in my opinion!



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